Oratory Music

The annual cost of providing music at the Oratory church includes the following: the professional choir for the Solemn Latin Mass and Sung Latin Vespers on Sundays and major feasts, the Junior Choir for the 10am Mass on Sundays , the Director of Music and the Assistant Director of Music, the Organist, the choir music library, the choirs’ robes, and the Oratory's three organs - the main organ in church, the small sanctuary organ used on special occasions, and the Little Oratory organ.

In 2010 expenditure on the music totalled £184,386, of which £91,929 was spent on our professional singers. (This does not include the cost of music for weddings and funerals, for which set fees are charged.)

In 2010 this music expenditure was funded by:

Donations and collections - £35,972
Church and parish - £91,384
Oratory Choir Fund - £57,030

The Oratory Choir Fund was started in 1999, thanks to a generous legacy from the late Miss Jennifer Paterson. She specified that her legacy should be spent on Oratory music. Over the last thirteen years other benefactors have added to the Choir Fund which in 2011 now stands at £1.9m. Our hope is that the Oratory Choir fund will grow to the point where the income derived will pay for all our singers on Sundays and feastdays, thus removing a further burden from the Sunday offertory collections.
On four occasions in the liturgical year, music for the Solemn Mass is enriched with an orchestra: Christmas Midnight Mass, St.Philip’s Day, All Souls Day, and the Immaculate Conception. The orchestra for Christmas Midnight Mass currently costs £3,500, in addition to the cost of the singers. On the three other special days in the year, the cost of the orchestra is currently £2,500 for each occasion.