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Oratory Church & Parish Finances - Facts

In 2010 the difference between the expenditure on church and parish, and its income from collections, was £227,000.

Our Costs

The figures for expenditure (see Our Finances - Figures) on the Oratory church in 2010 show that it costs £318,194 per annum (£872 per day) to keep this historic Catholic parish church open and fully functioning for the purposes it was built for: a full daily schedule of Holy Mass, the other sacraments and sacred functions, private prayer and devotions. 
These figures and the daily cost of running the Oratory church do not include the annual cost of providing the first class traditional Catholic liturgical music for which the London Oratory is famous around the world. Nor does the above include the many other parish expenses which are not directly related to the church building, but which are part of the Oratory’s apostolic and pastoral work. These additional parish expenses were £144,774 in 2010 (this includes the costs of the Papal visit, which are of course non-recurring). 

The combined total church and parish expenditure in 2010 was £462,968.

Weekly Collections
The 2010 collections (what people put in the collection bag at the offertory during Mass) amounted to £227,722 on Sundays and £8,258 on Feastdays and special occasions.

In 2010 the collections raised £235,980.
The lay people who take the collection at every Mass each Sunday tell us that approximately one quarter of the congregation give nothing.

Our Annual Shortfall

One obvious question is how we meet the shortfall between the 2010 annual expenditure for church and parish of £462,968 and the 2010 annual income of £235,980.
The answer is that we met the shortfall by a combination of the following: the profit made on donations for votive candles; the voluntary offerings (no fixed amount is asked for) made by people in thanksgiving for the baptism of their children; the set fees charged for hiring the church for weddings and funerals; and the regular and occasional gift-aided donations (including bankers orders) made to the church by a number of the congregation. In 2010 the annual total received by gift-aided donations to the church was £116,000. 
In addition, the Fathers made a subvention to the church and parish income from legacies and donations made to the London Oratory Charity.